Olive + M Purify + Rejuvenate Cleansing Oil

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Wash and cleanse my face with oil? That’s crazy talk..or is it? Fact: Oil dissolves oil. This multitasking, anti-inflammatory formula clears congested skin of dirt and bacteria, combats environmental toxins, removes makeup and sunscreen, acts as a shave oil reducing ingrown hairs and skin irritations, and fights the bacteria that cause breakouts. At Olive + M we know that by using the right oils you can cleanse your pores naturally, gently, and effectively. Your skin will love you for making the transition to oil cleansing.

Texture + Scent
A medium viscous oil that spreads like light honey over the skin, pulling impurities and replacing them with nutrients. Cleansing Oil’s scent is a blend of warm, fresh floral and herbal notes with an airy citrus finish.

7 in stock

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